Welcome to my blog! I am Michelle, the owner of Cake Craze, and a proud and creative cake artist! Yes, this is me! I am also a Mum to two very loud and rowdy boys, and am trying to juggle everything like most other working Mums out there.
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Just wanted to tell you a little bit about me and my business…

Cake Craze started as a hobby, one that I have been perfecting since I was 3 years old! Learning to cook and bake (my favourite!) from my Nanna, was one of my favourite things to do when I would visit her on weekends and school holidays. Every time I saw her she would have a new recipe for us to try – honeycomb, meringues, cupcakes, slices, etc. I have all her recipe books now that she has passed. Every time I bake I think of her – it is an automatic reaction to the lovely memories I have of growing up baking with her. I know she is always with me in the kitchen and has inspired my business.

So I have been making yummy sweets and treats for my family and friends since I was young. When I started making decorative birthday cakes for my loved ones, other people started to notice.  They were first covered in butter cream (my fave!), then the first cake I covered in fondant was my engagement cake. The next was a friend’s birthday cake, then another, then another… I decided I had to do something more… I had discovered fondant and knew I had to learn how to use it properly and decorate cakes in amazing ways!! I googled cake classes in Newcastle…not very much came up, and the ones that did were very ‘old school’ in style, and I felt like I needed to be current and modern. I found Planet Cake in Sydney… I went for my first class… I was totally hooked!! Here is my first course cake, and a few others along the way, finishing with my Masters Cake (myself & Anna Maria)…

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I trained at Planet Cake for 18 months, completed 10 courses – plus some specialty courses – and received my Masters in Cake Decorating! I received an offer to Intern at Planet Cake from Paris herself, and 3 months later I was in the PC Production kitchen with THE amazing cake artists that I had aspired to on my PC journey – Anna Maria (affectionately known as Muriel to me), and Ritzy… the Rockstar! Both of these ladies helped and nurtured me through my five week internship, and if I told you everything I learned in that kitchen, I would be here forever!!! To say the least, it was utterly AMAZING! I become in love with Wedding Cakes and flowers, and all things pretty and beautiful! I knew creating Wedding cakes would one day be my special ‘thing’! (Plus I LOVE weddings…such a sucker for a happy ending… and beginning!) Here are a few cakes I created, and one I helped Anna Maria with during my Internship at PC…

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I will forever be grateful to Paris for giving me the opportunity (and to Jean Michel for his gentle persuasion and support!), to Anna Maria for being the epitome of a mentor, guide and friend (and blowing me away with your talents – so inspiring), and to Ritz for being hilarious, knowing so many little tricks, and for helping me with all my cake questions. I stood and watched these creative ladies time after time, trying to absorb their skills and talents, tucking away their tips and tricks for when I needed them, and just generally being in awe of what they could do with CAKE! They truly are artists, and if I could be half the decorator they both are, I would be very happy indeed!

I think you can tell I’m passionate!! I’m a Leo, a perfectionist, a creative soul… my past work life involved being a dance teacher and owning a dance studio for 11 years! Yes, it’s a change, but it’s still creative and artistic, and I get to express myself through cake design and decoration now, rather than dance! I’ve always been into art, photography, visual design, etc. I completed 2 and 3 unit art, visual/ graphic design, and photography in Yr 12. I came first in all my classes, I just loved it! 🙂 Photography is still a big love of mine, and I love photographing my cakes.

So now that you have a basic idea of who I am and why I love all things cake, and how I became Cake Craze, you would probably like to know what I can offer you as your preferred cake decorator…

Well, I would like to think that I can pass on my creativity, my attention to detail, my skills and my love for all things cake and weddings, and combine those with great baking and decorating to create your most special cake – your Wedding cake! I am a giver – I love to go above and beyond, I love to make people happy and surprised, and hopefully surpass all your expectations! I give you my knowledge and my skills, and work closely with you to help guide you whilst deciding on the cake design you’ve always dreamed about… And then I create it! I love to see the cakes at the venue, with your set-up, with your personalised design, all matching in with your theming and colours and gorgeous decor! It just makes me happy and proud to be a little part of making your Wedding day so memorable (awww!)

If you like my cakes, and my passion, and view on cakes (and making YOUR special cake), feel free to email or phone me to talk about your individual requirements, and I’ll make sure I can create the perfect cake for you!



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