Cake Flavours:

• Dark Chocolate Mud & variations;
Choc Peppermint
Choc Honeycomb
Choc Caramel
Marble (dark & white choc swirl)
Choc Cherry Ripe
Choc/ Raspberry swirl
Choc Coconut
Jaffa (Choc Orange)
Choc Hazelnut
Mars Bar Mud
Milk Chocolate

• White Chocolate Vanilla Mud & variations;
White coconut
White Chocolate/ Raspberry swirl
Baileys & Butterscotch (extra pricing for alcoholic muds)
Rainbow swirl
White chocolate/ Passionfruit Swirl
White chocolate/ Strawberry Swirl

• Caramel Mud, Banana Caramel Mud, Salted Caramel Mud

* Red Velvet

• Strawberry Mud

• Fruit Cake, Carrot Cake (extra pricing for fruit cakes)

• Gluten Free & Dairy Free options (DF as kitchen cakes only)

• If you have a favourite flavour, please ask


Cake Fillings/ Coverings:

• Ganache – dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate. Most popular filling for tiered cakes (under fondant), and can also be a covering for cakes in a smooth, rough or runny/ dipped finish. Ganache can also be flavoured to suit your cake flavour.

• Butter cream – not suitable as a filling for tiered cakes, but can be used as a smooth or rough finish for the outside of all cakes

• Fondant – most popular covering for cakes – smooth finish, available in most colours

• Royal icing – another alternate as a cake covering, which is applied over the fondant to give a rough rustic or smooth vintage look to your cake

* Chocolate shards


Flavours/ Ideas for Dessert Items:

** Dessert items are available by the dozen **

• Macarons – Salted caramel, chocolate (milk or dark), choc mint, choc coconut, milk chocolate freckle, passionfruit, pina colada, bubblegum, tutti fruitti, vanilla, strawberry, caramel, choc honeycomb, choc orange, choc banana, strawberry, etc
(Minimum 2 dozen order)

• Cupcakes – Vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, banana, caramel, orange & poppyseed, choc hazelnut, vanilla/ raspberry swirl, choc honeycomb, choc peppermint, etc

• Cake pops – Flavours the same as mud cake flavours/ cupcake flavours (min 2 dozen per flavour)

• Mini Tarts – Caramel, citrus, chocolate, raspberry & lemon, passionfruit, etc

• Mini Slices – Choc Peppermint, Caramel, Lemon & Coconut, Mars Bar, etc

• Cookies – Vanilla bean or chocolate with fondant. Can be personalised with your names (medium size) or initials (small size), in all different shapes – hearts, circles, etc. M&Ms, choc-chip, etc

• Shortbread – caramel and vanilla

• Fudge (in 24 bite size pieces) – vanilla, caramel, chocolate, baileys & white chocolate, etc

* Dessert Cups – mousse, parfait, deconstructed cheesecake or cake (min. 1 dozen of each variety)

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